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Emerging Artist: Chrvrches

Posted by Brandon Vesely on 05/30 at 05:43 PM

Are you looking for fresh and upbeat electronic music that stands out from the rest of the genre? Check out Chrvrches, an emerging electro-pop group from Glasgow, Scottland. This up-and-coming group specializes in poppy, harmonic soundscapes featuring Lauren Mayberry’s smooth, sweet vocals and Iain Cook and Martin Doherty’s imaginative instrumental work.

(From left: Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty)

Unfortunately, most electro-pop artists sound virtually the same. With its increased prominence many artists in the genre have lost the creativity and innovation that pushed the music to the forefront in the first place. For casual listeners, electronic music has become little more than the background playlist to their Friday night party.

However, groups like Chvrches are swimming against the current and producing fresh, catchy songs that hold your attention and demand a second listen.

Formed in 2011, Chvrches are fairly new to the scene and their only official album release is their Recover - EP. The release’s three core tracks are melodic and memorable, and each one stands out in its own distinct way.

The EP’s opening track, the original mix of “Recover,” is both bubbly and introspective, combining Mayberry’s pop-influenced vocals with engaging synth-driven instrumentals. “ZVVL” is slower and includes plenty of backup vocals to create a unique, restless sounding track. Finally, “Now Is Not the Time” closes out the EP with moving instrumentals and reflective lyrics.

The release also includes two noteworthy remixes of its title track, “Recover,” one by Cid Rim and one by Curxes 1996.

Check Chvrches out on Twitter or Facebook.

{name} Author: Brandon Vesely
Bio: Brandon Vesely is originally from the Pittsburgh area and is currently a junior majoring in Public Relations and Spanish at Penn State. In his free time he enjoys reading, writing, biking, and spending time outdoors. His musical interests are wide-ranging and include a variety of alternative genres including post-hardcore, indie, noise pop, and pop punk. Some of his favorite artists are Bayside, Yeasayer, Phantogram, and Fireworks.


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