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Future’s New Music “Real and True” Video is Quite Odd

Posted by Jessica Gold on 11/14 at 04:52 PM

I’ve officially witnessed one of the weirdest music videos ever. And trust me, I’ve seen some pretty strange music videos such as Drake’s “Find Your Love” and Sage The Gemini’s “Gas Pedal.” But Future has surpassed these artists. His new single, “Real and True” featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson is actually an OK song, but the music video left me feeling dazed and confused.

The video takes place in outer space with Miley Cyrus’ nude body covered in a metallic/glittery silver paint. I’m pretty sure she’s supposed to be an alien or an outer space creature. Both Mr. Hudson and Future play astronauts. While Mr. Hudson leads the hook and Future raps along, the two astronauts discover a woman (Cyrus) who appears to be dead or hurt. She slowly opens her eyes and then the video cuts to a scene of Cyrus lying on her back in an exam room, while lights shine on her. Cyrus begins singing the hook, “when the sun dies, and the stars fade from view, our love will remain real and true. Through the distant and cold depths of space, the radio sings our song. It’s a love real and true.”

Cyrus then continues to sing her verse of the song in a seductive manner while Future ad-libs. Next, Mr. Hudson is seen inside what looks like a spaceship and he sings the hook again before Future is shown rapping his second verse. The video continues with Future, Mr. Hudson and Cyrus singing the hook together. Cyrus shows her vocal range with her ad-libs by hitting soprano notes, and the video concludes with the spaceship taking off and Cyrus watching it leave her in outer space.

I’m guessing Future used the outer space concept because it relates to the hook, but in my opinion it makes the video weirder, especially if you’re hearing the song for the first time while watching the video. If you have never heard the song before watching, you might not realize that the hook mentions “space,” so this could lead to feeling kind of lost and confused. I also feel like the video’s concept takes away from the song. Since it is pretty strange seeing Cyrus dressed as an outer space creature, I wasn’t really paying attention to the words when I first saw it.

I do commend Future for his creativity, but for me it was too much to digest at one time. I would have preferred to see his fianc√©, Ciara in the video since the track is about being in love with someone and having such a deep connection with them. I definitely would have felt like “Real and True” was relatable to me and my love life if the video’s concept was more simple. Instead, I had to listen it aside from the music video to really grasp the meaning.

Do you agree with me? Is this video odd? Check it out below:

{name} Author: Jessica Gold
Bio: Jessica Gold is a senior at the Pennsylvania State University. She is majoring in Print Journalism with double minors in African-American Studies and Sociology. Gold has a love for fashion, style and culture, and plans to work her way through the magazine industry after graduation. Her dream job is to become a writer/editor for Essence, but her ultimate goal is to create her own publication that incorporates multiculturalism in various arenas. She has hopes of achieving this by the time she is 30.


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