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Preview Movin’ On Acts: Young the Giant, David Mayfield Parade

Posted by Matt D'Ippolito on 04/26 at 11:27 AM

Who are Young the Giant and The David Mayfield Parade? If you’re not the type who constantly needs up-to-the-second updates on the music industry, you might not know what to expect from Movin’ On’s openers. Young the Giant should be a fairly familiar name by now, especially if you caught my profile of the band a few months ago. Both groups are still up-and-coming artists who’s national attention is fairly fresh. Here’s what you can expect from each of them.

Young the Giant (Playing at 5:00PM)

These guys have a sound that fuses early rock with a more modern indie feel. After their eponymous debut album made waves in 2010, they’ve rocketed from complete unknowns to rising stars on a national stage, capturing the attention of the recording and radio industries, as well as music journalists everywhere. Reviews have spanned the spectrum.

The band basically started as a high school garage band called “The Jakes” in Irvine, Calif. back in 2004. Over the next five years, the membership changed around until they settled into the current lineup and changed their name to Young the Giant. In 2009, they signed with Roadrunner Records and a few of their songs saw a great deal of publicity via radio and television play (including “Texas Tea” on “The Real World,” “Paid the Piper” on “The Beast,” and their hit single “Cough Syrup” on “Glee” earlier this year). Despite the fact that I die a little inside every time a song I like is featured on “Glee,” this kind of mainstream exposure is what has really thrust the band into the spotlight.

The songs that have probably been the biggest hits for the band are their three singles, “Cough Syrup,” “My Body,” and, to a lesser extent, “Apartment.” These songs really showcase their fun, driving style that makes listeners want to just rock out. Some critics have accused them of a formulaic, radio-friendly sound. But even when their songs play it safe, it sounds cool. And if we’re being honest, we all realize how rare it is to find a band willing to challenge the status quo right now. If that’s what you’re looking for, these guys aren’t it. But their music is still a good time. Expect a fun set from these guys that gets you moving.

David Mayfield Parade (Playing at 4:00PM)

David Mayfield is a bit more of an obscure name than YTG. David Mayfield’s tunes are a tempered brand of country, feeling more akin to folk. Most of his tunes are very mellow with a laid back tempo and rhythm. Songs to look out for in his set include “I Just Might Pray” and “Breath of Love,” two of his more popular tunes and very nice love ballads. “Breath of Love” in particular exhibits his crooning vocals over twangy guitar plucking. Many of his songs also feature backup singers providing beautiful harmonies to his main vocals, including The Avett Brothers on a few tracks.

That’s right, Mayfield is apparently a good friend of the Movin’ On headliners, which makes sense considering their similar relaxed, folksy styles. According to his official biography on his website, Mayfield had bummed around Nashville playing “all night ‘gun-for-hire’ gigs in the tourist filled honky-tonks” in the downtown area before scoring a gig through an audition with country hit maker Andy Griggs. In 2008, he became the bassist for sister Jessica Lea Mayfield‘s band Cadillac Sky. He ventured into production with friend Barry Scott (the song getting nominated for a gospel Grammy) and the band Among the Oak & Ash before getting noticed by the Avett Brothers while on tour with his sister. It was at their urging that he collaborated with them for a while before setting off solo.

And the multiple genre influences are apparent in his music. At heart his music is the country and rock fusion of his sister’s band with a heavy folk influence from the Avett Brothers and some of the gospel sensibilities from his production work with Barry Scott. It all comes together in the perfect, soothing blend that is the David Mayfield Parade.

Check out this Spotify playlist below for YTG’s and DMP’s debut albums to get a taste of what you can expect from them at Movin’ On:

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Bio: Matthew D’Ippolito is currently a senior majoring in print journalism at Penn State with minors in political science and music technology. He plans on writing for Rolling Stone or Variety one day. Matt enjoys reading, playing sax, hiking and fishing. He enjoys a wide variety of music, but some favorites are punk, indie rock, classic rock, dubstep, jazz and classical. His favorite bands at the moment are Titus Andronicus, Streetlight Manifesto, Cloud Cult, Explosions in the Sky and ZOX.


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