The Grange Fair

Distribution on PBS Plus August 2005

"THE GRANGE FAIR: AN AMERICAN TRADITION" chronicles a vanishing piece of Americana, one of the last remaining agricultural encampment fairs in the country, and the families who spend months preparing for this unique rural phenomena. Now in its 131st year, the week-long Centre County Grange Fair in Pennsylvania boasts a small city of almost a thousand residential tents and a fleet of 1,300 recreational vehicles housing thousands of families. Thousands more attend the family reunions, the attractions and agricultural competitions.

Originally conceived in 1874 as a one-day picnic to introduce rural residents to the Grange organization, the fair grew to become, as did other American Grange fairs, a social highlight of the year and main point of information exchange for rural agricultural communities. Produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting.

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"THE GRANGE FAIR: AN AMERICAN TRADITION" is a production of Penn State Public Broadcasting. Partial funding is from the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs and the Pennsylvania Public Television Network (PPTN).