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Awards Nominations

Posted by Mike D on 04/10 at 11:13 AM

We are now accepting nominations for this year’s awards lunch.  If you would like to nominate someone for an award, click here to fill out the nomination form.

We are accepting nominations in the following categories: 

Creativity - This award recognizes a person who demonstrates a high level of creativity or innovation in her/his work. For example, someone who seeks out and recognizes new opportunities, develops a unique approach to processes or procedures that makes work easier, or conceives of a new or innovative use of facilities or equipment.

2013 Winner: Diane Espy

Leadership - This award recognizes a person who exhibits qualities that exemplify leadership regardless of their position in the organization, whether they are a supervisor, team member, or cube mate.  It should be someone that either inspires and motivates others to succeed, leads by example, models integrity, demonstrates a strong work ethic, or promotes an environment where work is enjoyable, success is celebrated, and creativity is encouraged.

2013 Winner: Brenna Swires

Customer Service - This award recognizes a person who goes the extra mile toward customer satisfaction, whether that customer be a Listener, Viewer, Member, Funder, Production Client, or Staff Member.

2013 Winner: Craig Johnson

Outstanding Employee - This award recognizes a person who: is always willing to help out, lend a hand, give freely of their time, and demonstrate her/his commitment to the station and co-workers; continually brings a cheerful spirit and pleasantness to the workplace, providing co-workers with a lift, and presenting a positive attitude; is dependable and counted on to be there when needed.

2013 Winner: Kerry Trout

Community Service/Diversity - This award recognizes a person who has nurtured an environment in which persons of all backgrounds can work, study, and live together in ways that expand our collective knowledge of individuals and societies through individual action in the workplace, volunteering in the community, or participating in charity or service projects.

2013 Winner: Lindsey Whissel

Volunteer - This award recognizes a person who has consistently shown leadership, dependability, commitment, and creativity in his/her work as a volunteer at WPSU.

2013 Winner: Holly Holdren and Greg Miller

Teamwork - This award recognizes persons who have pulled together to form a highly motivated unit that has exceeded the normal boundaries and produced a product or process that made a significant impact within the department or with a customer.

2013 Winner: Sports Production Team

Venture - This award recognizes a person who has broken new ground, gone ‘above and beyond,’ and/or has accepted or overcome a challenge for the benefit of the department/organization.

2013 Winner: Cole Cullen

Technical Excellence - This award, given in memory of past technical staff members Dave Watson, Al Wilson, and Scott Endress, recognizes a member of the current technical staff who has shown consistent excellence in his/her work.

2013 Winner: Chris Murrell

click here to submit a nomination

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