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Lowjack Hits Mixed Notes At Bar Bleu Friday Night

Posted by Ryan Chase on 08/03 at 02:03 PM

Lowjack opened the show with a stirring original song, reminiscent of the quasi-alternative sound of the Counting Crows. It drew patrons towards the stage like politicians to petty, jejune behavior. It was my favorite number of the night.

The song started off slowly, carefully enunciating every detail of a final night with a former love - of the ‘one who got away’ variety - then picking up, swelling, like a black eye, into a raucous chorus. It vowed to forget everything, every smile, every kiss, every memory, before finally resigning to a state of hopelessness. It was over, but he was not over her, he would never be. How could he? She was all he ever wanted. Yet she was not.

As the lead singer, Jason Davoli, went back and forth, for and against her expulsion from his memory, from his mind, from his life, the crowd went back and forth with him, hanging on every word. They jumped up and down, singing along when he was certain, and respectfully quiet and still when he was not.

The rest of the night was hit or miss. At times, they played outside of themselves perhaps capitalizing on the enthusiastic crowd who seated themselves firmly in the palm of their collective hand. But they also ventured into solos and vocal ranges just beyond their reach.

(It works for Lady Gaga, why not them, right?)

It was talent versus ambition. On one hand, Lowjack consists of five proficient musicians baring all the hallmarks of quality music and a deep well of potential. On the other hand (let’s say the right hand), potential is potential. Some people fully realize it ascending to such unimaginable heights that curry the resentment and jealously of all those unequipped with similar sensibilities. Others do not, toiling forever in mediocrity if not worse. Even more attempt to stretch themselves past all recognition that it was ever potential to begin with.

Lowjack straddled the line, sometimes ending up on the good side, sometimes ending up on the bad side. It happens.

Jason Davoli: guitar, vocals; Jeremiah Reyes: keyboards, saxophone, vocals; Dan Collins: guitar, fiddle, vocals; Frank Yarnal: bass; Steve Arnold: drums, vocals.

Lowjack on MySpace

{name} Author: Ryan Chase
Bio: Ryan Chase is a senior at Pennsylvania State University, majoring in English and Sociology. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, woodcarving, and playing the guitar. Outside of most rap and opera, he listens to every type of music, but he prefers classic rock and jazz. His favorite artists are Robert Johnson, Heatmiser, and Minor Davis & the Fuzzy Slippers.


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