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Texting While Driving is No Joke

Posted by Cynthia B on 08/10 at 09:10 AM

One amusing tradition of National Public Radio is the April Fool’s story.  The goal is to make your joke story so believable, listeners aren’t sure whether or not they’re getting their legs pulled.

II gave a lot of thought to the April Fool’s genre this year, and put together a story about texting while driving.  A “Pennsylvania research institute,” I said, had developed a device that allowed you to text while driving - - safely. The centerpiece of my imaginary device was a “heads-up” display, like those in fighter jets.

Here’s the unsettling joke.  I sent my story list to NPR’s Northeast Regional bureau chief, and she said, “Network would be interested in this story.”  She thought it was real.

Plenty of people would love a device that lets you safely text while driving.  But it’s a fantasy! Studies show, texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk.

New Jersey bans texting while driving.  As an editorial in today’s Centre Daily times indicates, the Pennsylvania legislature is currently considering a similar law.

If you’re not crazy about government interference in your personal decisions, that’s fine. The real solution is personal responsibility. Drive safely. Without a phone in your hand.

Author: Cynthia B
Bio: WPSU-FM Producer


Posted by peteract
01/05 at 09:42 PM

I think there needs to be a complete change in the mind set of people, whether driving or not.
A phone call or txext message is unimportant.
If someone interrupts your conversation with someone, you would think it very rude of them.
However people who think this have no compunction about allowing a cellphone call to interrupt their conversation.

Tip: turn the damn thing off if you’re having lunch with someone or if driving.

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