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The Last Stop Lineup

Posted by Carly Mallenbaum on 04/29 at 02:34 PM

Next Friday, April 30 is “The Last Stop,” a music festival to be held at 6:30 p.m. at the HUB lawn.  Tickets to the show are FREE.  The headliners for the festival were just announced, so I decided to talk to two of my music-loving friends (who are in my apartment right now) about what they think of the bands chosen to play (you can click on the bands and songs to go to different pages):

Titus Andronicus
Ali:  I have their MySpace up.  Let’s see… they have a very heavy band… and equally intense vocals.  A unique sound, though.  It makes me want to fight someone.
Jason: No idea what that is.
Me: I hadn’t heard this band before I found out they were coming to PSU, but they sound pretty Marilyn Manson-like.  Not something I’m usually into, however I would love to do a modern dance to My Song Recommendation: Beautiful People

State Radio
Ali:  I love State Radio.  I saw them Freshman year and they were great live.  They are very politically driven.
Jason: Reggae rock.  I like them.  I didn’t like a lot of songs on the new album, though.
Me: I’m a fan of Dispatch, but I’ve never really gotten into State Radio.  They deserve a chance, though.  I especially like My Song Recommendation: Right Me Up

Ali:  I like Fabolous.  I mean he’s old school, but it’s kind of random.  When did Holla Back even come out? 
Jason:  I only know the one song, It’s My Time.
Me:  It’s hard to disassociate Fabolous from Young’n (Holla Back).  I definitely remember choreographing dances to that song with my friends to be performed Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties.  Good times.  But now I can break it down to My Song Recommendation:  Return of the Hustle

Matt & Kim
Ali: Doodoo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo (singing the tune of the hit Daylight)
Jason: They’re pretty good.  I’m interested to see how they’re gonna be live and see how their act translates.
Me: After hearing Matt & Kim’s song Daylight on that Bicardi commercial, there was no denying the duo.  Although the pair’s keyboard/drum songs all sound pretty similar, they do sound good.  I imagine their performance would have a lot of fun and energy behind it.  Matt & Kim’s CD is probably what that cheesing kid in headphones is listening to while he’s walking to class.  My Song Recommendation: Lessons Learned

For More Info about Last Stop:
Onward State
Last Stop site
The Lion 90.7FM

{name} Author: Carly Mallenbaum
Bio: Carly Mallenbaum is a junior majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Law and Liberal Arts. At any given time, you will likely find her dancing, running, reading, playing soccer, or listening to music with her huge green headphones. She loves many types of music, specifically alternative rock and anything she can dance to. Some artists she likes are John Mayer Trio, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, Justin Timberlake, G. Love, Spoon, and The Beatles.


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