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WPSU Brings “Our Town” Production Team To Meyersdale This September!

Posted by Whitney on 09/19 at 01:18 PM

The Great Allegheny Passage, the PA Maple Festival, the rich railroad history and more could all be featured in the next installment of WPSU’s “Our Town” series when we visit Meyersdale, PA in Somerset Co. WPSU is looking for 20-25 community members to share their stories about Meyersdale as part of the program for public television. No experience required, no age restrictions, and no cost to participate…just enthusiasm for your hometown! Want to learn more? Join us for the community meeting on Thursday, September 29 at 7 p.m. in the Meyersdale Area High School large group instruction room.

WPSU features the heritage and spirit of local communities from the perspective of the residents in the “Our Town” series.  Grab your camera and take to the streets as you document the people, places, and happenings that make your area special. 

At the community meeting, we’ll ask you to pick a topic for a story featured in the show.  We’ll provide the blank tape and some tips to get you started. Feel free to hunt down any existing photos or videos that might enhance your story.  We’ll return in a week or so to talk about what you discovered. In a casual interview, our producer will talk to you about the footage you gathered.  Your interview will help tie the story together and add the personality that makes this show special. Don’t worry — through the power of video editing we’ll eliminate the “ums” and “ahs.” You’ll look and sound like a pro!
Next, we’ll take your videotape and interview back to the TV station and edit it all together.

Sharing local stories is part of the spirit of public television.  Through viewership support, we’re able to bring you all your favorite programs that you find on WPSU.  And the “Our Town” series truly makes this your local station as you help create material to broadcast!  Spread the word to friends and neighbors, everyone in Meyersdale is invited to participate. This is a free community project. Our goal is to shine the spotlight on your hometown and we want everyone to know they’re invited to join in this effort!

{name} Author: Whitney
Bio: WPSU producer


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