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Time PlayedArtistSongAlbumLabel
11/21/2009: 3:42:00Stacey Earle and Mark StuartWedding NightTown SquareGearle Records
11/21/2009: 3:39:00Flatt & ScruggsI'm Working on a RoadThe Golden EraRounder 55 05/A
11/21/2009: 3:34:00Grupo AymaraInkasLive and In ConcertFlying Fish
11/21/2009: 3:32:00Front Porch String BandLooks Like RainLines & racesRebel Records
11/21/2009: 3:27:00String SistersShetland Fiddle Diva/Kinyon's Jig/ Kinyon's Rell/Lad O"Beirne'sLiveCompass
11/21/2009: 3:23:00David RothCutter of StoneIrreconcilable SimilaritiesWind River
11/21/2009: 3:22:00Carolann SolebelloLong time GoneGlass of DesireElizabeth
11/21/2009: 3:15:00Carolann SolebelloTies that BindGlass of DesireElizabeth
11/21/2009: 3:11:00Mali LoloEhYaYeStars of MaliSmithsonian
11/21/2009: 3:07:00AltanDulamonKindred SpiritGreen Linnet 3131
11/21/2009: 3:05:00Emerson & NewtonOpening DayA Foot in the Past, A Foot in the FurturePinecastle
11/21/2009: 14:56:00DalaSunday DressWho Do You Think You AreBig Bold Sun
11/21/2009: 14:49:00Grace GriffithDemeter's DaughterGraceBlix
11/21/2009: 14:42:00Duhk'sOl Cook PotMigrationsSugar Hill
11/21/2009: 14:38:00Powel, Herman, O'BrienSongs From the MountainsWayfaring StrangerSongs from the Mountain
11/21/2009: 14:34:00Laurie LewisAcony BellAnd Her Bluegrass PalsRounder
11/21/2009: 14:31:00Amy White, Al Petteway, Robin BullockIn the Bleak MidwinterHoliday SamplerFairwood
11/21/2009: 14:28:00DuhksGreen Fields of GlentownYour Daughers and your SonsSugar Hill
11/21/2009: 14:26:00Joan BaezEl Preso Numero NueveJoan BaezVanguard
11/21/2009: 14:23:00DalaStand In AweEveryone is SomeoneCampus
11/21/2009: 14:19:00Cherish the LadiesThe Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan/Maire O'Keefe/Harry Bradshaw'sOne and All: best ofCeltic
11/21/2009: 14:15:00ArtisanBuy and BuyWingsTerra Nova
11/21/2009: 14:09:00Cliff ColeFrost Along the Bridle PathAutumn CallingDaybreak
11/21/2009: 14:07:00Bill MorrisseyA Little Bit of WhiskeyBill MorresseyPhilo
11/21/2009: 14:04:00Orrin StarrWonderful Dish RagNo Frets Barredself
11/21/2009: 14:01:00Woody GuthrieI Ain't Got No HomeThis Land is Your LandProper
11/21/2009: 13:54:00Adrian KoskyTable Hill RoadDPN Summer Sampler, dulcimerself
11/21/2009: 13:50:00Slaid CleavesBelowMerfest2006 Fresh Facesself
11/21/2009: 13:49:00Michael and HotlicksMy Old Kentucky HomeWoodsongs Old Time Radio Hourself, vol one
11/21/2009: 13:45:00Dry Branch Fire SquadDevil Take the Farmer30th Anniversary SpecialRounder
11/21/2009: 13:37:00Bonnie RideoutBonnie Bonnie Rideout/The Prodigy Adam/Blue Mull SoundScottish InheritanceTulloch
11/21/2009: 13:33:00Lonesome SistersBlackbirdFollow Me DownTin Halo
11/21/2009: 13:27:00DalaFace in the MorningEveryone is SomeoneCampus
11/21/2009: 13:23:00Blind AmbitionWhite Ravenselfself
11/21/2009: 13:20:00Hazel DickenaPretty Little BirdOld Time On The AirRounder
11/21/2009: 13:16:00Maggie SansoneCircle DanceDPN Summer Samplerself
11/21/2009: 13:11:00Maria DubielOne LoveGoin"Backself
11/21/2009: 13:09:00David BrombergBuck Dancer's ChoiceTry Me One More TimeAppleseed
11/21/2009: 13:04:00Angel BandLonesome Down In Blackbird CreekWith Roots and WingsAppleseed
11/21/2009: 7:55:00johnny cashmary of the wild mooramerican IIIamerican
11/21/2009: 7:47:00arlo guthriegabriel's mother's highway ballad #16 bluesmore together again in concertrising son
11/21/2009: 7:39:00earl scruggsiin the pinesultimate collection live at the rymanrounder
11/21/2009: 7:35:00bobby longbeing a mocking birddirty pond songsself
11/21/2009: 7:29:00david bromberg quartetcreeper's blueslive NYC 1982appleseed
11/21/2009: 7:23:00danny schmidtblue railroad trainenjoying the falllive once
11/21/2009: 7:17:00the cravensi love my smokey western pa milltown homeoctoberself
11/21/2009: 7:13:00catie curtisdad's yardhello strangercompass
11/21/2009: 7:09:00greg brownjust a bumsilverwolf homeless projectsilverwolf
11/21/2009: 7:06:00retrograsssittin' on the dock of the bayretrograssacoustic disc
11/21/2009: 7:01:00steve goodmancity of new orleanslive at the earl of old townred pajamas
11/21/2009: 6:56:00sweet honey in the rocknow that the buffalos gonein this landearth beat
11/21/2009: 6:53:00buffy sainte mariehouse carpenterlittle wheel spin and spinvanguard
11/21/2009: 6:50:00alison krauss & union stationlove you in vainappalachian stomprhino
11/21/2009: 6:46:00jakob's hollowdevil's denthe legend of booby the kidself
11/21/2009: 6:38:00tony ricewreck of the edmund fitzgeraldsings gordon lightfootrounder
11/21/2009: 6:33:00maria dubielonly yougoin' backself released
11/21/2009: 6:28:00willie nelsonhe was a friend of minebrokeback mountainverve
11/21/2009: 6:24:00john gorkathoughtless behaviourout of the valleyhigh street
11/21/2009: 6:20:00doc watsonst james infirmarynewport folk festival mementosalcazar
11/21/2009: 6:16:00rachel harringtoni don't want to get adjusted to this worldcity of refugeskinny dennis
11/21/2009: 6:09:00judy collinsoh had i a golden threadwhere have all the flowers goneappleseed
11/21/2009: 6:03:00maighread dhomhnaillbruscha na carraige bainebetween two lightsgreen linnet
11/21/2009: 6:00:00richard gilewitzembryonic journeysynapse collapsegillazilla
11/15/2009: 12:56:00Bill Monroe & Doc WatsonFoggy Mountan TopDuets (1993)Folkways
11/15/2009: 12:53:00Bill Monroe & Mac WisemanTravelin This Lonesome RoadMusic of Bill Monroe (1994)MCA
11/15/2009: 12:50:00Buddy MacMaster & Tracy DaresThe Dungren SetCeltic Colours (1998)Stephen MacDonald
11/15/2009: 12:47:00New VintageI Don't Worry About You AnymoreNo Time For The Blues (1995)Pinecastle
11/15/2009: 12:42:00Pieta BrownLovin You StillShimmer (2009)Red House
11/15/2009: 12:39:00Buffalo String BandRocky IslandWeary Woman Blues (2007)Old 97
11/15/2009: 12:35:00Arcona Reel BandDarby's JigFirst Draught (1998)Rockville
11/15/2009: 12:32:00DarleneA Good ManSolo Live (2007)Earthworks
11/15/2009: 12:28:00Mike Auldridge & Tony RiceDrivin Nails In My CoffinTreasure Untold (1990)Sugar Hill
11/15/2009: 12:25:00Robyn LandisLosing SleepMany Moons (2009)Self
11/15/2009: 12:20:00Dave PottsMulberry LaneOne Night In The South (2003)Looking Up
11/15/2009: 12:17:00Norman Blake, Tony Rice, Doc WatsonSalt CreekNorman Blake and Tony Rice 2 (1990)Rounder
11/15/2009: 12:12:00Ricky SkaggsBrand New StringsBrand New Strings (2004)Skaggs Family
11/15/2009: 12:08:00Tannahill WeaversHieland HarryChoice Cuts 1987-1996Green Linnet
11/15/2009: 12:05:00Chris While & Julie MatthewsThe Here And NowHere And Now (2005)Fat Cat
11/15/2009: 11:54:00Liz CarrollThe Silver Spear/The Earl's Chair/The Musical PriestLost In The Loop (2000)Green Linnet
11/15/2009: 11:51:00Byron BerlineMy Dixie DarlingFiddle and a Song (1995)Sugar Hill
11/15/2009: 11:47:00Maria DuBielOnly YouGoin' Back (2008)Self
11/15/2009: 11:42:00The ChapmansLosing AgainFollow Me (2001)Pinecastle
11/15/2009: 11:39:00Buffalo String BandBile Them CabbagesWeary Woman Blues (2007)Old 97
11/15/2009: 11:35:00johnsmithEliza JaneGravity of Grace (2009)Self
11/15/2009: 11:32:00Scott AinslieSpike Driver BluesTerraplane (1998)Cattail
11/15/2009: 11:26:00Blue HighwayStill Climbing MountainsStill Climbing Mountains (2001)Rounder
11/15/2009: 11:23:00Jerry HollandPaddy's Trip To ScotlandCeltic Colours (1998)Stephen MacDonald
11/15/2009: 11:20:00Si KahnGoing Down To The Old Home PlaceBeen A Long Time (2000)Sliced Bread
11/15/2009: 11:17:00Diana JonesPretty GirlMy Remembrance of You (2006)Newsong
11/15/2009: 11:12:00AltanJuf of PunchBest Of Thistle and Shamrock (19990Hearts of Space
11/15/2009: 11:08:00Whitetop Mountain BandLee Highway BluesBull Plus 10% (2006)Arhoolie
11/15/2009: 11:05:00Joe Carr & Alan MundeFifty DollarsWindy Days & Dusty Skies (1995)Flying Fish
11/14/2009: 21:58:00Eileen IversIslandersCrossing the BridgeSony Classical
11/14/2009: 21:53:00MaracaCastigalaCuban Street PartyRough Guide
11/14/2009: 21:50:00BarachoisLa marmotteuse/The GrowlerEncore!House Party
11/14/2009: 21:46:00Two Man Gentlemen BandHey, Officer!Drip Dryin' With the Two Man Gentlemen BandSerious Business
11/14/2009: 21:42:00CharivariKnife Fight ReelA Trip to the Holiday LoungeRounder
11/14/2009: 21:37:00TanglefootHard WorkDance Like FlamesBorealis
11/14/2009: 21:34:00Scott AinsleOil in My VesselThunder's MouthCattail
11/14/2009: 21:29:00Sam BushWhisper My NameCircles Around MeSugar Hill
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