Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math / Overview

Yesterday, Today &Tomorrow

What are real-life scientists, tech people, engineers and mathematicians like?

Meet some graduate students who believe passionately in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. 

Meet some middle school students with STEM interests ranging from making awesome robots to creating energy. 

Recognize these relics from yesterday? Brainstorm how science has transformed yesterday’s tools into today’s. What might science create for us tomorrow?

Explore STEM career choices:

You can make a difference in your own life. Find information on careers in science, technology, engineering and math and pick the courses that will allow you to participate.  (Hint: ask your teacher or other grownups for help!). Check out the resources below.

For Teachers:

Please find a downloadable lesson plan and worksheet for your students to explore STEM careers.  Within this lesson plan, students will view video clips about graduate and middle school students with interests in STEM careers and compare technologies from yesterday with today. They will explore careers on-line before writing about their futures as STEM professionals.

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