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Mel DeYoung Mel DeYoung
Folk Show Coordinator/
Mel has been a Folk Show volunteer for many years, and he mostly works behind the scenes to train new hosts, schedule staff, and review albums. He loves hearing from listeners who have discovered a new song on the Folk Show.

Tom Beebee Tom Beebee
Tom has been teaching comparative literature and German, and listening to the Folk Show at Penn State for 25 years. His literary studies have brought him in contact with much world music that he likes to share. His undergrad thesis was a comparison of Bob Dylan with a German political singer/songwriter.

Chas Brua Chas
Chas loves music of all kinds and especially likes tunes that throw in some unusual melodic turns or harmonies. He's even a fan of the bagpipes ... although, please, never again at an indoor wedding. In addition to music, he likes learning about astronomy and wildlife (such as the replica hellbender salamander on his shoulder).

Leah Bug Leah Bug
Leah Bug was introduced to the WPSU Folk Scene by fellow host Susie Anderson. Traveling to various countries provided a strong foundation for her musical appreciation and adoration, which she enjoys sharing with fellow listeners.

Jennifer Carman Jennifer Carman
Old timey folk, bluegrass, and civil war tunes take Jennifer back to her Kentucky roots. She jams on the dulcimer with friends and is a clinical dietitian at a non-profit outpatient clinic in Baltimore.

Jim Colbert Jim Colbert
An art director by trade, Jim is also a singer-songwriter. In 2007, he won first place in the Susqueanna Folk Music Society Annual Songwriting Contest. He lives in Bellefonte with his wife, Cynthia, and cats, Boo Boo and Bam Bam.

Bryan Ferlez Bryan Ferlez
Bryan has always loved playing and listening to music. It started with Bob Dylan, John Coltrane and the clarinet, turned to Sun Ra, Pete Seeger and the guitar and now continues with Rev. Gary Davis, Eric Dolphy and shape note singing. He is always listening for new music on wpsu while pursuing his doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Ray Holley Ray Holley
As a Navy Officer stationed in Memphis, Ray spent his Saturday afternoons at practice sessions for local string bands or down on Beale Street. Now retired, when Ray isn't in the studio he and his wife train horses on their farm near Potters Mills. His broad folk tastes include bluegrass, blues, fiddle. mandolin, 60's revival and Celtic traditional with the occasional sea shanty, a reminder of years in the Navy.

Julie Holm Julie Holm
Julie was a folk radio host at her college station way back in the 70's and is glad to be back on the air on WPSU. She has volunteered at more than 25 Philadelphia Folk Festivals in the meantime. She is a particular fan of World Music and Gospel, which she enjoys in her regular gig as a pastor in Brush Valley.

Kurt Johnson Kurt Johnson
Kurt is an avid collector of a wide variety of musical genres. While growing up his mother was a bluegrass musician and moving to Pennsylvania from Nebraska reacquainted him with his folk roots. After some time working behind the scenes helping his wife Leah Bug with her folk show duties, Kurt came out of the shadows to host his own shows.

Logan Kistler Logan Kistler
Logan is a Kentucky native with a love of new and traditional folk music, especially bluegrass, fiddle-tunes, vocal harmony, and the shared melodies of the British Isles and Appalachia. He plays the banjo, plus a few other odds and ends. In real life, Logan is an anthropologist, specializing in archaeological genomics.

Jessica Matzko Jessica Matzko
Jessica grew up in a musical family where she sang as part of a six-sibling ensemble. Her love for storytelling, history, and literature led her straight to blues, gospel, folk, and roots music. She works in Penn State's College of Science in the Career & International Education Office.

Jonathan McVerry Jonathan McVerry
Jonathan was born and raised in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Introduced to folk music by his father's banjo playing and Leadbelly CDs, Jonathan's folk shows focus on local music, Americana, Appalachian, and old-time blues. He plays the guitar with singer Christie Clancy throughout the Centre Region performing what is best described as a mix of "experimental folk" and "conservative punk".

Adam McMillen Adam McMillen
Adam really got into folk music after tracing the roots of his teenage idol, Bob Dylan. He now listens to everything from indie rock and jazz to zydeco and eastern European gypsy. Adam works for as an IT consultant in Penn State's College of IST.

Steve Van Hook Steve Van Hook
Steve enjoys folk music of all flavors, but living in Austin created a special place in his heart for Texas' blend of folk-country-blues by artists such as Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Joe Ely, Toni Price, and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Art Wachter Art Wachter
Art runs the Wagon Shed Concert Series in New Freedom, PA, and plays guitar and sings at coffeehouses. He is a partner in the Baltimore-based Entertainment Consultants, where he designs and produces concerts, festivals, and events for non profit organizations.

Laurel Zydney Laurel Zydney
Laurel first became a folk fan as a preteen living in Germany. She "plays her ear," choosing to appreciate and share music rather than creating it herself. Almost every May, she treks to Texas for the 18-day Kerrville Folk Festival and returns with lots of new music.

Emeritus Hosts

Susie Anderson Susie Anderson
Susie loves all flavors of folk and world traditional music. She's learning to play the mandolin and occasionally cuts a rug at contra dances. Susie also works as a GIS technician at Penn State and bikes the local trails with her husband, Chuck.

Joe DeLuca Joe DeLuca
Joe likes a variety of acoustic music with a particular interest in old-time music and country blues. Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy, and their canine friend, Baxter, and plays in the State College celtic band, Callanish

Leslie Dyer Leslie Dyer
A native of Minnesota, Leslie is active in the local folk music scene and plays the acoustic bass with a contradance band.

Cleo Cleo
Cleo is in 12th grade at State College Area High School, and is one of several hosts who have started broadcasting as a teenager. She's been hosting the Folk Show since 2009, and enjoys it a lot. She also enjoys fencing, reading, science, and spending time with her younger sisters.

Kathy Dansky Kathy Dansky
Kathy's contribution to the Folk Show is behind-the-scenes. She keeps her eyes and ears open for news of upcoming folk music events, and makes sure they get added to the WPSU calendar. From events on the calendar, she then compiles a handful of the "best picks" to be mentioned during broadcast of the Folk Show.

Ben Drain Ben Drain
Ben's musical love is world and international folk music. He is a counselor for homeless youth, boasts Pleasant Gap's largest collection of Chinese propaganda from the Cultural Revolution, and publishes politically inflammatory board games.

Will Hancock Will Hancock
Will got hooked on bluegrass music while living in North Carolina. He later lived in Seattle where he played in bluegrass bands and accompanied Texas fiddlers. Today he plays guitar for his kids and studies molecular motors at Penn State.

Dave Hermenau Dave Hermenau
Dave's favorite folk genre's are singer songwriter, acoustic blues and old time (especially The Duhks, Old Crow Medicine Show and Crooked Still). Dave teaches English at the Bellefonte Area High School, lives in Pleasant Gap and is happily married with two cats and a dog. For the next few months Dave is going to take a break from hosting to concentrate in his spare time on listening to the Folk Show!

Cliff Kanz Cliff Kanz
Cliff has been listening to the Folk Show since the 80s. His day job is a community planner in the public sector. He also likes to get out on his bicycle or cross-country skis.

John Letscher John Letscher
John has been involved with all varieties of folk music since 1958, and he has played guitar, banjo, and mandolin for many years. His current focus is old-time and traditional dance music.

John O'Donnell John O'Donnell
John has been singing folk since the 50s, and he started playing guitar at the Old Town School of Folk Music in the early 90s. John supports his habits by teaching various law and management courses at Penn State.

Paul Rutter Paul Rutter
Paul grew up with the folk music of Carolinas' foothills. He plays guitar and especially likes celtic, bluegrass, and singer-songwriters. Some of his favorites are David Wilcox, Nancy Griffith, John Gorka, and The Clinch Mountain Boys.

Paul Rito Paul Rito
Paul got hooked on folk during his teen years, and he still loves the well-turned phrases, haunting melodies, and intriguing outlooks of singer-songwriters. In everyday life, Paul runs his own database consulting business.

Bob Lumley-Sapanski Bob Lumley-Sapanski
Bob grew up during the 60s folk revival and has a soft spot for Van Ronk, Odetta, Doc Watson, and the Guthries. Beyond folk, he has been influenced by Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash, and the Beatles. He now lives on a small farm in the Buffalo Run Valley.

Max Spiegel Max Spiegel
Max was infected with the Folk Virus at the age of 10 by a single item tucked into his father's record collection, “The Folk Box.” His mother became very aware of the infection when while other youth were asking for “Thriller” for Christmas, in the winter of 1982, he was asking her to track down a copy of “Negro Prison Camp Worksongs.” Little is known between 1982 and 1996 when he began publishing The rest is well documented.

Frank Symons Frank Symons
In 2004 Frank retired as associate director of Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory. Now he has more time to play guitar and jam with his son, Greg, who plays banjo, fiddle, and mandolin. Frank especially enjoys bluegrass and old-time music.

Brian Tomaszewski Brian Tomaszewski
Brian started playing the bluegrass banjo and later added guitar, dobro, and bottleneck. He particularly enjoys high-energy, high-lonesome bluegrass, delta-style blues, classic Hawaiian steel guitar. Brian finished his Ph.D. in geography, and is now a professor in Rochester NY

Thad Will Thad Will
Thad appreciates the genuine and organic flavor of folk music. His son, Jacob, loves listening to daddy on the radio. When Thad's not "playing radio" or working at M&T Bank, he enjoys running with the Nittany Valley Hash House Harriers.

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