The Folk Show Saturday Morning with host Jim Colbert

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An archive recording of a live broadcast of the WPSU Folk Show.


Wayne Freed
Jan 31, 2013

Jim I am sooooooooooooooo sad that WPSU has changed
the Saturday morning folk show to Sunday at 10.
What makes for a loyal listeniner?  Me.
For near 12 years I have set my alarm clock EVERY
Saturnday morning for the folk show on WPSU.
Its just been a big part of my life on weekends.
I listened 15 years ago to Folk Sampler with Mike
from Silas Springs Arkansas on WPSU.
So I am hoping those of us who without fail listended
on Sat mornings will stay up Sunday nights 10-12
and not go bed without OUR FOLK SHOW!
I have always enjoyed YOUR selection of folk songs
I hope you do the Sunday night one.
Heh send me E-mail back sometime if you want to.

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