Cynthia Berger / WPSU Producer

Cynthia Berger


Not All Students Drink!

Though Penn State holds the title of #1 Party School, not ALL students drink to excess. WPSU News intern Zack Valenta toured campus and downtown on a recent Saturday night and discovered these scenes of sobriety.


Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps by Dave Isay

What conversation would you like to have with your mother this Mother’s Day? Read this touching collection of interviews.


LIVE FORUM: Exploring Solutions to a Drinking Culture

If you missed the live forum on May 2, click here to listen.

Kimberly Quiogue Andrews


Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner

This book of poetry might be puzzling at first, but before too long, it will win your heart.


Who Will Succeed John Murtha?

Primary elections are coming up, and one Pennsylvania race is attracting NATIONAL attention. In Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, voters must pick a successor to Congressmen John Murtha, a Democrat. Will the district go Republican for the first time in nearly 4 decades? WPSU’s Cynthia Berger reports.


The Least of These by Todd Davis

One poet will show you another way to look at the world around you—through nature, the body, and all that’s spiritual.

Daniel Story


The Stranger Manual by Catie Rosemurgy

Miss Peach is a quirky fictional character who will teach you “what it means to be strange” as you read the poems in this delightful book.


Woodsmen’s Meet

In the 19th century, timber was a source of wealth in Pennsylvania . . . and a source of jobs for lumberjacks. For entertainment, the loggers invented contests of skill that today have become a collegiate sport.


Downtown Saturday Night

When people drink too much they’re more likely to have accidents and get injured . . . Who picks up the pieces? WPSU’s Cynthia Berger spent a Saturday night downtown with a Penn State student who’s also a paramedic.


Fans of the comedy team Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre will understand how Cynthia Berger prepared for a career in public radio . . .  by earning a master’s degree in science! 

Before fulfilling her destiny in public radio, she taught zoology at Saint Lawrence University, ran a research lab for NASA’s “Mission to Planet Earth,” worked as a magazine editor at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, wrote four popular-science books, and produced the nationally-syndicated radio feature, The Ocean Report, hosted by Jaws author Peter Benchley.

Her initiatives since joining WPSU in 2004 include Pennsylvania Radio ExpeditionsSports That Are Not Football, BookMark, and WPSU’s own version of This I Believe.

Her radio work has been recognized with multiple PRNDI and regional Edward R. Murrow awards.