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Patty Satalia

Professor Pedro Noguera

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Take Note: A Conversation with Educator Pedro Noguera

Pedro Noguera is an internationally renowned professor of education at New York University and the author of seven books, including “The Trouble With Black Boys: And Other Reflections on Race, Equity, and the Future of Public Education.” We’ll talk with him about education's most pressing problems, about why installing metal detectors isn't the answer, and about why we should assess…

Kevin Hagopian, Film & Media Studies, Penn State and Dan Kahan, professor of law and psychology, Yale Law School

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Take Note: Millennial Students and the Cultural Cognition of Risk

We’ll find out what college professors can do to turn entitled, self-absorbed Millennial students into Millennial thinkers. Plus, why doesn’t “scientific consensus” settle disputes about climate change or other risk issues? We’ll talk with a professor from Yale law school who studies how cultural values and group identity impact how we interpret science and perceive risk.

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A Conversation with Rock Legend Patti Smith

Poet, musician and artist Patti Smith visited Penn State to receive the 2013 Institute of the Arts and Humanities Medal for Distinguished Achievement. She joined us in our studio just a few hours before the evening’s celebration, and her much-anticipated solo performance, to talk with us about her life, art and friendships.

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Take Note: A Conversation with Astronaut Guy Bluford

Among his many achievements, he was a decorated fighter pilot in Vietnam, an aerospace engineer, and a corporate leader, but above all, Guy Bluford is best known as the first African-American to fly in space. He was also a 1964 graduate of Penn State. We’ll talk with him about his career, about his experiences in space, and about the future…

Eyal Press, author of “Beautiful Souls.”

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Take Note: A Conversation with the Author of “Beautiful Souls.”

“Beautiful Souls,” by Eyal Press, tells four stories about people who did what they considered the right thing under extremely trying circumstances. A Swiss border guard smuggled Jews into Switzerland against policy, a Serbian misidentified Croats to save their lives, an Israeli soldier refused to continue to guard what he felt were illegal settlements and a broker blew the whistle…

Majora Carter, Majora Carter Group, LLC

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Take Note: A Conversation with Majora Carter

The New York Times called her “"The Green Power Broker." We’ll talk with Majora Carter about the revitalization and community improvement projects she’s leading in her South Bronx neighborhood. We’ll also talk with her about her efforts to stop the placement of polluting industries in low-income or minority communities.

Extended Interview with Majora Carter

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Take Note: Get Your Garden On

As summer draws to a close, many gardeners are turning their attention to end-of-the-season projects and taking note of their successes and failures. Hear from the experts about what you should be doing in your garden. (Today’s Take Note is an encore presentation of “Conversations LIVE: Get Your Garden On!”)

(Photo by Jessica Paholsky)

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Take Note: Penn State Health Insurance Questions, and The Fluoride Controversy

First, a Q & A with Penn State’s VP for Human Resources about the university’s new "Take Care of Your Health” program. Employees who do not participate in the three-part plan will be charged a $100 a month surcharge. Then an encore conversation about water fluoridation and just why it’s so controversial. (photo by Jessica Paholsky)

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Take Note: A Conversation with Painter Beverly McIver

Beverly McIver is one of the most acclaimed black female painters working today. Her larger-than-life portraits of her family and herself examine race, gender and social identity. We'll talk with her about growing up in the segregated South, about her career as a painter, and about the HBO documentary that chronicles six years of her life as Renee's caregiver.


Patty Satalia joined WPSU in 1987. During her 30 years in broadcasting, she has worked as a news anchor, talk-show host, public affairs manager, and producer.

Patty has conducted more than 5,500 interviews for Pennsylvania Inside Out, Take Note, and Common Ground Lobby Talks. For ten years she produced the popular game show, The Pennsylvania Game, which aired on public TV stations statewide, and earned a Mid-Atlantic Emmy award for Outstanding Entertainment Broadcast and a Best Local Information Program by the Eastern Educational Network.

Patty’s documentary and public affairs work includes: Children with Autism: Time is Brain (2004), which earned an Award of Excellence from the Mid-Atlantic Region of the University of Continuing Education Association;  Creating Health: Childhood Obesity (2004), which earned a Telly Award; and Hate Groups in Pennsylvania (1997), which was nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy Award for Best Public Affairs Special, among many other projects.

She is currently host of the interview program, Conversations from Penn State which airs on WPSU-TV and nationally on The Big Ten Network.  Patty is a regular contributor to the local portion of Morning Edition on WPSU-FM.