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Patty Satalia

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Take Note: Growing Up Silent with author Judith Witmer

We’ll introduce you to a simple, science-based diet that could get you off the dieting treadmill, but first...Time Magazine labeled those born between 1925 and 1942 as “the Silent Generation.” The 1951 cover story described those who came of age in the 1950s as “grave and fatalistic, conventional, expecting disappointment, and for women, desiring both a career and family.” What…

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Take Note: Arthur Goldstein’s Mini Music Festival at State Theatre

Arthur Goldstein describes himself as a pianist, composer and teacher. Audiences describe him as not just versatile, but highly accomplished in a wide variety of musical styles including classical, jazz and rock-‘n-roll. We’ll talk with Goldstein about his career, the reuniting of his rock band Archie Blue, and about his upcoming concert at The State Theatre. It’s something of a…

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Take Note: Rock Star Book Jacket Designer, Chip Kidd

USA Today described him as "the closest thing to a rock star" in the graphic design world. Chip Kidd is a book jacket designer for Alfred A. Knopf Publishing. He’s also a Penn State alumnus. Among his many creations is the iconic T-Rex skeleton for Michael Crichton's “Jurassic Park,” which became one of the most iconic images of the 1990s.

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Take Note: The Lost Generation with Linda Patterson Miller

Just hearing someone mention “The Great Gatsby” is enough to evoke vivid images of the roaring twenties--elaborate parties, flappers and booglegging gangsters! But how much do we know about the man behind Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald and his contemporaries form a cohort of some of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. Literary expert and Penn State Professor Linda Patterson…

Students in Hershey’s University Park Regional Campus


Hershey Regional Medical Campus

Thirteen medical students just wrapped up their third year of medical education at the Penn State College of Medicine Regional Medical Campus located at University Park. Created in partnership with Mount Nittany Medical Center, the goal of the program is twofold: training the next generation of physicians and improving access to medical care in Centre County. The hope is that,…

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Take Note: Flynt Leverett on Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran

What will it take to avoid war with Iran? According to our next guest, the real obstacles to successful nuclear diplomacy with Iran lie in Washington, not Tehran. We’ll talk with Flynt Leverett, co-author of the controversial new book, “Going To Tehran, Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Leverett is a founding…

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Take Note: A Conversation with Charles Figley

Charles Figley has spent more than thirty-five years studying trauma and its effects on both victims and caregivers. His work has led to innovations in psychology, psychiatry, and social work. We’ll talk with him about the field of traumatology, about what he means when he says there’s a cost for caring, and about his personal experiences with “compassion fatigue.” Figley…

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Take Note: Cresson TB Sanatorium

In 2011, Chuck Felton organized a reunion for the Cresson TB Sanatorium. The retired aerospace engineer now living in Texas, spent 16 months at the state-run tuberculosis facility that was located on a remote mountain top outside of Cresson. For more than 50 years, Felton kept his experience there mostly to himself. Then, in 2009, he decided to create a…

Penn State Law Professor, Ellen Dannin

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Take Note: Privatization

A number of privatization initiatives have been proposed in Pennsylvania in recent years. A combination of state and local budget crises has prompted these so-called public-private partnerships that seek to transfer ownership of public assets or services to the private sector in exchange for lump sums of money. Everything from the state lottery to liquor sales and even prisons are…


Patty Satalia joined WPSU in 1987. During her 30 years in broadcasting, she has worked as a news anchor, talk-show host, public affairs manager, and producer.

Patty has conducted more than 5,500 interviews for Pennsylvania Inside Out, Take Note, and Common Ground Lobby Talks. For ten years she produced the popular game show, The Pennsylvania Game, which aired on public TV stations statewide, and earned a Mid-Atlantic Emmy award for Outstanding Entertainment Broadcast and a Best Local Information Program by the Eastern Educational Network.

Patty’s documentary and public affairs work includes: Children with Autism: Time is Brain (2004), which earned an Award of Excellence from the Mid-Atlantic Region of the University of Continuing Education Association;  Creating Health: Childhood Obesity (2004), which earned a Telly Award; and Hate Groups in Pennsylvania (1997), which was nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy Award for Best Public Affairs Special, among many other projects.

She is currently host of the interview program, Conversations from Penn State which airs on WPSU-TV and nationally on The Big Ten Network.  Patty is a regular contributor to the local portion of Morning Edition on WPSU-FM.