Dangerous Drinking / Addressing Alcohol Issues in Centre County

Dangerous Drinking

Alcohol-fueled tragedies are on the rise in Centre County.

Last year, a drunk driver hit and killed a pedestrian; a record number of Penn State students were treated for alcohol overdose at the local hospital; and a drunk student fell to his death.

WPSU-FM takes a look at the circumstances behind excessive drinking—and what local groups are doing to address it.

Archived Chat

Missed the conversation on Sunday, May 2? Read the archived chat about solutions for a drinking culture.

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Sen. Jake Corman Proposes Alcohol Legislation

Senator Jake Corman (PA 34th District) has introduced legislation aimed at deterring repeated alcohol abuse and funding police efforts to prevent the violations associated with problem drinking. WPSU student intern Matt Avedesian talks about the proposed legislation with Senator Corman, State College law enforcement and students.


Police Stakeout Facebook

The nation is a-Twitter about privacy concerns on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Teens and young adults often post details of their mischief on these sites in spite of the public nature of the internet. Police in Pennsylvania have caught on. WPSU’s Emily Reddy reports.


Not All Students Drink!

Though Penn State holds the title of #1 Party School, not ALL students drink to excess. WPSU News intern Zack Valenta toured campus and downtown on a recent Saturday night and discovered these scenes of sobriety.


LIVE FORUM: Exploring Solutions to a Drinking Culture

If you missed the live forum on May 2, click here to listen.

Kris Clark


Alcohol and Weight Gain

A Penn State nutrition expert is using an innovative method to get students to moderate their drinking habits…appealing to their vanity.


Downtown Saturday Night

When people drink too much they’re more likely to have accidents and get injured . . . Who picks up the pieces? WPSU’s Cynthia Berger spent a Saturday night downtown with a Penn State student who’s also a paramedic.

Univ. of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg


Chancellor Nordenberg

The chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh was recently honored for his role in combating high-risk drinking on campus. WPSU’s Patty Satalia talks with Mark Nordenberg, winner of the 2009 Presidential Leadership Award, presented by The Gordie Foundation and Outside the Classroom.

Stephen Fiehler


Stephen Fiehler’s Story

For the past few weeks we’ve been covering the alcohol issue. Most of our stories have been reactions from the State College community. WPSU’s Patty Satalia brings you a story from a student’s perspective. Stephen Fiehler is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Communications. Stephen started a 12-step program for fellow students called Saturday…

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Centre Daily Times:
Focus on Excessive Drinking

Radio Event - Exploring Solutions to a Drinking Culture

Listen to archived audio from the live event held on Sunday, May 2.

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