Dangerous Drinking / Addressing Alcohol Issues in Centre County

Dangerous Drinking

Alcohol-fueled tragedies are on the rise in Centre County.

Last year, a drunk driver hit and killed a pedestrian; a record number of Penn State students were treated for alcohol overdose at the local hospital; and a drunk student fell to his death.

WPSU-FM takes a look at the circumstances behind excessive drinking—and what local groups are doing to address it.

Archived Chat

Missed the conversation on Sunday, May 2? Read the archived chat about solutions for a drinking culture.

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Source Investigation Program

It's no secret that underage drinking is an issue in State College, but what's not so clear is where the drinks are coming from. That's why local police launched the "Source Investigation Project"... to identify and prosecute people who give alcohol to minors.

Harry Hufford


The New Centre County DUI Court

What do you do when someone gets behind the wheel drunk -- over and over? Two local “DUI Courts target repeat offenders. WPSU’s Emily Reddy reports.


Penn State RAs Combat Underage Drinking

When it comes to underage drinking in college residence halls, the first line of defense is a group of students called Resident Assistants, or RAs. Penn State University Park has hundreds of RAs, who receive special training. WPSU’s Emily Reddy reports.


Students, Residents Oppose State Patty’s Day

Opposition to the student-created drinking holiday, “State Patty’s Day,” is growing in State College. WPSU News intern Erica Brecher reports.


Commentary: Have a Responsible State Patty’s Day

State Patty’s Day is a holiday created by students; the main way to celebrate is by drinking. Commentator and State College police captain Dana Leonard makes the case for a responsible State Patty’s Day. Police Chief Thomas King contributed to this commentary, which also appears in the Centre Daily Times. Watch for ongoing coverage of alcohol…

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Centre Daily Times:
Focus on Excessive Drinking

Radio Event - Exploring Solutions to a Drinking Culture

Listen to archived audio from the live event held on Sunday, May 2.

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