Sports That Are Not Football / Lesser Known Sports & Athletes

Sports That Are Not Football

WPSU's Cynthia Berger exposes the lesser known sports and athletes of central Pennsylvania.

From sled-dog racing (Pennsylvania is home to a world champ!) to bowling (the state’s fastest growing high school sport!), WPSU’s Cynthia Berger uncovers Pennsylvania’s (ahem) lesser known sports and athletes. Frisbee golf, anyone?


Woodsmen’s Meet

In the 19th century, timber was a source of wealth in Pennsylvania . . . and a source of jobs for lumberjacks. For entertainment, the loggers invented contests of skill that today have become a collegiate sport.


Championship Trout Fishing

It’s the “Superbowl of Trout Fishing!” Anglers gather in State College for the U.S. National Fly Fishing Championship. WPSU’s Cynthia Berger follows angler Loren Williams as he trains for the big event.


Millheim Bucket Brigade

The Milllheim Fire Company celebrated its 100th anniversary with a run at the Guinness Book of World Records for “world’s longest bucket brigade.”


Cross-cut Saw

The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum hosts an annual "Bark Peeler's Convention," a celebration of the region's lumberjack heritage. One aspect of the convention is a sort of "lumberjack Olympics," including competitive axe throwing, birling and the thrilling cross-cut saw contest, using a specially sharpened saw.

Frog jumping in Potter County


Frog Jump Contest

Today's installment of "Sports That Are Not Football" features the amazing jumping frogs of Potter County.

Ice Fisherman's essential tool: The Tip-Up


Ice Fishing

Winter's not over till tomorrow. So there's still time to take a look at a winter sport for our occasional series, "Sports That Are Not Football." It's a sport that's growing in popularity in our state. Just grab a jig, an auger, and a couple of tip-ups, and join WPSU's Cynthia Berger out on the ice.



Shaver's Creek Birding Cup

From the "Sports that are not Football" series, it's competitive bird watching with training, sponsors, team uniforms and prizes that rival the Heisman Trophy! In Central Pa., the big tournament is the Shaver's Creek Birding Cup. Cynthia Berger rode along with team "Bad Optics" for the 24-hour event.


High School Bowling

Our occasional WPSU series "Sports That Are Not Bowling" shines a little light on under-appreciated sports. Today, our subject is the nation's fastest-growing high school sport. Central Pennsylvania has a team that's a contender for the state championship. WPSU's Cynthia Berger watched them in action last and she has this report.

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