Sports That Are Not Football / Lesser Known Sports & Athletes

Sports That Are Not Football

WPSU's Cynthia Berger exposes the lesser known sports and athletes of central Pennsylvania.

From sled-dog racing (Pennsylvania is home to a world champ!) to bowling (the state’s fastest growing high school sport!), WPSU’s Cynthia Berger uncovers Pennsylvania’s (ahem) lesser known sports and athletes. Frisbee golf, anyone?

Jeff Stover, Megatransect race organizer, checks out the train with competitor Jean Hunter



Imagine running a marathon that's 24 miles without stopping. Now imagine a marathon that takes you up and down a mountain several times. That's the Bald Eagle Megatransect, an event for hikers and runners taking place this weekend in Lock Haven. As part of our ongoing series called "Sports That Are Not Football," WPSU's Cynthia Berger…

 Sign advertising wiffle ball tournament


Wiffle Ball

The Wiffle ball - that big, white plastic ball with the holes in the top - ,was invented in 1952, by a former semi-pro ballplayer who wanted his son to be able to play backyard ball without breaking so many windows. 53 years later, Wiffle ball is seeing a surge in popularity nationwide... but here in…

Dave Kurtz



As part of our occasional series called "Sports That are NOT Football," meet hard-core whitewater kayaker Dave Kurtz. He's the coach for Mach 1, a local kids' kayaking team that trains every day of the year, even when it's snowing.

Team members Randy Herweg (l) and



Football requires stamina, speed, agility, and especially, teamwork. But so does flyball, the wildly popular new team sport for dogs. In this installment of "Sports that are NOT Football," WPSU's Cynthia Berger talks to Harrisburg Jet Set "players" and their "coaches," along with other central Pennsylvania flyball stars.

Orienteering: checking the map



In the late 1800s, orienteering was invented as a form of military training. Today, it's an international sport. Pennsylvania has ideal terrain for orienteering races. As part of the ongoing series called "Sports That Are Not Football," WPSU's Cynthia Berger reports on the annual running of the "Susquehanna Stumble."

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