Sports That Are Not Football / Lesser Known Sports & Athletes

Sports That Are Not Football

WPSU's Cynthia Berger exposes the lesser known sports and athletes of central Pennsylvania.

From sled-dog racing (Pennsylvania is home to a world champ!) to bowling (the state’s fastest growing high school sport!), WPSU’s Cynthia Berger uncovers Pennsylvania’s (ahem) lesser known sports and athletes. Frisbee golf, anyone?

Battle of the titans!


Stone Skipping

The riverfront town of Franklin hosted a "Battle of the Titans" this past weekend: A National Champion versus the guy who made the Guinness Book of World Records. The sporting event? Professional Stone-Skipping.



Here on WPSU, the occasional series Sports That ARE Not Football covers the "lesser known" sports. Today, we bring you a sport that involves: kicking, passing, AND tackling, using an egg-shaped ball. You can see championship level play this weekend, at University Park. But we're NOT talking about the Nittany Lions' Blue-White game.

The infamous Hash log.


Nittany Hash House Harriers

As part of our on-going series called "Sports That are Not Football," we turn today to the sport called "Hashing." It's based on an English children's game, called "Hare and Hounds but, with beer! Pennsylvania has at least 15 "Hash Kennels." They sometimes call themselves "drinking clubs with a running problem." One local club is the…

Surfin' the South Pole:  Penn State physicist Doug Cowen


Race Around the World

As part of our ongoing series called Sports that are Not Football, here's a snow sport that's literally cooler than the Olympics: the annual "Race Around the World." Each year on Christmas Day, researchers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station take a couple of laps around the geographic South Pole. Penn State physicist Doug Cowen was…

Thorvaler Frisvaersch, Warlord of the Mountain Confederation


War Practice

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organization whose members re-create life in the Renaissance and Middle Ages including martial arts. In this installment of 'Sports That Are Not Football,' WPSU's Cynthia Berger cheers for the Shire of Nithgard ¨(that's State College to the rest of us)¨ at an SCA sporting event called WAR PRACTICE.

Curt Speaker goes golfing


FROLF! (aka Disc Golf)

Trivia question, sports fans: What sport did George Costanza learn to play in the Summer of George episode of Seinfeld? It was "FROLF"-- Frisbee golf. To be politically correct, we have to call it "Disc Golf," since the Wham-o company owns the Frisbee copyright. It may have been a joke on Seinfeld, but half a million…

Ready to race:  Johnn Molburg's team waits for their sled to be unloaded.


Sled Dog Racing

Before snowmobiles were invented, the people of the frozen North got around using sled dogs. Here in Pennsylvania, you can't really count on tons of snow every winter. So this might not seem like a great state for sled-dog racing. But in fact, a world champion sled-dog racer lives - and trains - right here in…

Kids at Huntingdon Area Middle School take aim.



In the modern middle school, kids' choices for gym class go way beyond the old standards, like dodge ball or volleyball. Some schools now offer yoga, kayaking, even rock climbing. As part of our ongoing series called "Sports That Are NOT Football," WPSU's Cynthia Berger takes aim at another hot new school sport . . .…

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