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The Penn State Forum Speaker Series is a Faculty/Staff Club event that is co-sponsored by the Penn State Bookstore and is open to the general public. The luncheons, modeled after the National Press Club Speaker Series, include a presentation by an invited speaker, followed by audience questions.

Penn State Forum

Donna Barbisch (Anatomy of a Pandemic)

Barbisch is president of Global Deterrence Alternatives, a strategic planning organization providing policy and program guidance on integrating solutions related to the national security threats of terrorism, natural disasters, and emerging infectious diseases. She is among the nation’s most distinguished experts in terrorism and disaster preparedness and response. With more than 20 years in managing complex…

Dr. Monica Morrow

Penn State Forum

“Breast Cancer: Are We Making Any Progress?”

“Breast Cancer: Are We Making Any Progress?” Monica Morrow, M.D., is the G. Willing Pepper Chair in Cancer Research and the Chairman of the Department of Surgical Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center; and Professor of Surgery, Temple University School of Medicine. From 1993 to June 2004, she was Professor of Surgery at Northwestern University Medical…

Eric Hegedus

Penn State Forum

Eric Hegedus, President, National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association

“Out in the Newsroom: How Gay Journalists are Bringing Fairness and Accuracy to Coverage of LGBT issues” Eric Hegedus is the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association‚Äôs (NLBJA‚Äôs) National President. He is a page designer for the NewYork Post, a position he has held since August 2005. Before that, Eric was a page designer for The…

Suzanne Paterno

Penn State Forum

Suzanne Paterno, Community Leader and Philanthropist

“Giving Back” Sue Paterno has not had a paying job since 1963. Yet despite leaving a teaching career to raise her family, she has not stopped working. A 1962 Arts & Letters graduate of Penn State, Sue has dedicated herself to her family, her University, and her community. At Penn State, Sue helped establish the Liberal…

Clementine Barfield

Penn State Forum

Clementine Barfield, President, Save Our Sons & Daughters

"Beyond Mourning the Death of My Son" Mrs. Barfield is the Organizer/President of Save Our Sons and Daughters (SOSAD) since 1987. She started SOSAD after two teenage sons were gunned down in a Detroit school related incident. Fifteen year old Roger was critically injured and 16 year old Derik was killed. SOSAD is a crisis intervention/violence…

Bill Cawley

Penn State Forum

Bill Cawley, Motivational Speaker

"Life on Your Terms" Since graduating in 1990 from Penn State with a BA in speech communications and for the past 15 years, Bill has led a busy and active life. He’s had a very successful professional career as a senior manager at two Fortune 500 Companies first with MBNA and then Bank of America. In…

Dr. Zane Gates

Penn State Forum

Dr. Zane Gates, Internal Medicine Physician

“The Vicious Circle of Poverty” Dr. Gates is a 1985 graduate of Bishop Guilfoyle High School and a 1991 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1995 and did his residency at Allegheny University Hospital. He is the founder of the Gloria Gates…

Karen Tandy

Penn State Forum

Karen Tandy, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration

“Drug Issues” Following her nomination by President GeorgeW. Bush, on July 31, 2003, Karen Tandy was confirmed by unanimous consent of the U.S. Senate as Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a $2.2 billion agency with approximately 11,000 employees across the U.S. and in 85 foreign offices. Under Ms.Tandy‚Äôs leadership, DEA investigations resulted in criminal…

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