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Take Note: Remembering Bill Coleman and the Rothwell Stream Restoration Project

Acclaimed State College photographer Bill Coleman died last week at 88. He was known worldwide for his exquisite photographs of the Amish. We’ll share our last interview with him dating back to 2008. We’ll also hear about the recently completed stream restoration project at the Rothwell Farm in Centre County. Landowner Sally Rothwell and Clearwater Conservancy’s…

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Take Note: Nuclear Weapons and Iran

Joel Rubin is the Director of Policy and Government Affairs at Ploughshares Fund, a foundation dedicated preventing the use and spread of nuclear weapons. We’ll talk with him about the recent Iran nuclear weapons deal and why Americans should be concerned about the state of nuclear weapons today.

John Sanchez, associate professor, Penn State College of Communications

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Take Note: American Indians in the 21st Century

John Sanchez is the only American Indian faculty member at Penn State. A member of the Apache Nation, we'll talk with him about Hollywood’s misrepresentation of American Indians, about how those images influence how the entire world perceives them, and about why the use of American Indians as team mascots should be discontinued.

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Take Note: Penn State’s Jennie Noll Talks About the Long-term Effects of Child Maltreatment

Jennie Noll, an internationally recognized researcher on child maltreatment, discusses the long-term effects of abuse.

Penn State’s Executive Vice President and Provost, Nicholas Jones

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Take Note: Nicholas Jones is Penn State’s New Second in Command

As Penn State’s Executive Vice President and Provost, Nicholas Jones has a hand in virtually every aspect of the University. The New Zealand native recently came to Penn State from Johns Hopkins University, where he served as the Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering. WPSU’s Patty Satalia talks with him about what enticed him to…

Photo Credit: Chuck Kennedy/McClatchy. Joe Galloway and General Hal Moore at McClatchy Newspapers Washington, D.C. Bureau, 2008.

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Take Note: A Conversation with War Correspondent Joseph Galloway

General Norman Schwarzkopf called him “the finest combat correspondent of our generation—a solder’s reporter and a soldier’s friend.” In his 50 years in journalism, Joseph Galloway was assigned to cover Japan, India and the former USSR, among other places, reporting from numerous combat zones. But he is best known for reporting on the Vietnam War. His…

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Take Note: A Conversation with Rock Legend Patti Smith

The multifaceted poet, rock legend and artist Patti Smith was recently at Penn State to receive the 2013 Institute of Arts & Humanities Medal for Distinguished Achievement. She came by our studios to talk with us about her life’s work, her family, and her deep friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Profesor Steven Zarit, Penn State; Jennifer Pencek, Penn State’s Center for Women Students

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Take Note: Nov. is National Caregivers Month, plus Negotiating the “Red Zone”

They call it the “Red Zone.” There are more sexual assaults on U.S. college campuses during this time than at any other time during the school year. WPSU’s Emily Reddy talks with the Penn State Center for Women Students programming coordinator, Jennifer Pencek…but first, November is National Caregivers Month. Family caregivers provide an estimated $450 billion…

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Emily Reddy directs news and public affairs programming at WPSU-FM.

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