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Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life and hear stories from others.

This I Believe is based on the 1950s radio program of the same name and the media project (launched in 2005) from This I Believe, Inc. and Atlantic Public Media. WPSU invites you, as a central Pennsylvania resident, whatever your background, to speak out.
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This I Believe

I Believe in Voicemails
Kelly Godzik
State College, PA

I look down at the screen of my ringing iPhone and it clearly states that the caller is my best friend of eight years, Chelsey. I have some time to chat between classes, but as usual, instead of picking it up, I let it ring, ring, ring until it goes into voicemail.

This I Believe

I Believe in the Reality of Touch
Jake Russo
University Park, PA

Many people say “I’ll believe it when I see it,” But I believe touching things is what makes them real: Feeling the water soak into my shoes after I step into a puddle Makes the rain real. Brushing my fingers over the imprints of the words pressed into a friend’s letter Makes their meanings real. Compressing…

This I Believe

I Believe Home is Wherever You’re Making Memories
Mary-Kate Morrow
State College, PA

It all seems like a blur looking back on it. One minute I was throwing my graduation cap in the air and the next minute a moving van was driving away from the place I had called home for more than a decade. My parents had retired and were moving to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a ski…

This I Believe

I Believe Being Active Can Change Your Life
Michele Chernega
State College

Eat better, feel less stressed, become more productive at work, have more patience, and use your credit card less!? All these things and more have happened to me. Are they the result of having a regular exercise routine as new research I've read claims? I can’t prove it, but I believe it! And believing something will…

This I Believe

I Believe in Pursuing Perfect English
Xingnan Li
Huntingdon, PA

I believe that English proficiency is important in my life. I’m from China. English is an important part of our schooling from grade school to university. Some students not only study English in school, they also attend training courses and watch English television. Others just regard it as a task and study it carelessly.

This I Believe

I Believe in Sandy Hook
Kelsey McDonnell
State College, PA

Terrible things happen in the world. But it’s easy to believe bad things only happen to other people, in other places. On December 14, 2012, I lost that naivety. When a shooter walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School, my heart broke.

This I Believe

I Believe in Friends and Family
David Callanan
State College, PA

I believe that love and support from family and friends is much more than a cliché.

This I Believe

I Believe Hardship Presents Opportunity
Bill Zeruth
State College, PA

I believe hardship presents opportunity. I am a father to three boys, a loving husband to a beautiful wife, and an educator with the awesome responsibility to instruct our youth. But my life hasn’t always been so pleasant.

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WPSU invites you, as a central Pennsylvania resident, whatever your background, to speak out. Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life.

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