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Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life and hear stories from others.

This I Believe is based on the 1950s radio program of the same name and the media project (launched in 2005) from This I Believe, Inc. and Atlantic Public Media. WPSU invites you, as a central Pennsylvania resident, whatever your background, to speak out.
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This I Believe

I Believe Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness
Stephanie Mina
North Wales, PA

I am ten years old and I can barely contain my excitement as I run down the stairs ready to rip open my presents underneath the Christmas tree. When I reach the tree, I find nothing. Not a single gift in sight, just the raw feeling of disappointment. Unexpectedly, however, my parents are standing behind me…

This I Believe

I Believe in Christmas
Carl Letsche
Altoona, PA

I believe in Christmas, but not in the way you might think; let me try to explain. I’m not Christian (or Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist…) or any other religion. I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist, though – I definitely believe in something. It’s not easy to qualify what that is when the usual labels don’t…

This I Believe

I Believe in Autumn Days
Tara Fritz
Johnstown, PA

I believe in autumn days. I believe in all the clichés—pumpkin spice lattes and oversized sweaters and large piles of leaves. I believe in autumn for the changes it brings and all the traditions I eagerly await each year.

This I Believe

I Believe in Embracing My Heritage
Anshu Choudhary
State College, PA

The United States is made up of people from many different cultures and religions. Unfortunately, many people forget their traditions and cultural heritage when they’re far from their homeland and they settle in other countries. I believe in embracing my Indian roots.

This I Believe

I Believe in Dirty Shoes
Liz Novack
Hershey, PA

I believe in dirty shoes. I believe in wearing shoes until there are holes in them, and then wearing them some more. Although my practice might seem extreme, I got this habit from BOTH of my parents. Ever since I can remember, my dad has said, “There is no hole in my shoes that some duct…

This I Believe

I Believe in Creating Pottery
Lauren Weiss
State College

I believe in pottery. Pottery is an art of possibilities, a perfect union of form and function. While people create other types of art purely for decoration, ceramic art isn’t made to be hung on a wall. Rather, ceramics can be used for everything from storage to gardening to cooking to drinking. Pottery adds an element…

This I Believe

I Believe in the Blues
John “JT” Thompson

Like most people, I get to feeling bad from time to time about one thing or another. Things don't always go my way, and the march of daily disappointments often leaves me in the dumps.

This I Believe

I Believe in Lucy
Julie Shaffer
Drifting, PA

I knew something was different about my daughter Lucy by the time she turned one. She couldn’t bear weight on her arms or legs. She hadn't started crawling or pulling up on things, and she wasn’t talking at all. Her hands made odd motions in the air, and she didn't always respond when we called her…

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WPSU invites you, as a central Pennsylvania resident, whatever your background, to speak out. Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life.

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