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The Idea Hour

TheIdea Hour

Explore a world of ideas through a wide variety of thought-provoking public radio programs.

Join us for The Idea Hour every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 on WPSU-FM. You’ll hear documentaries from NPR news and independent producers and occasional series like:

We’ll delve into politics, science, the arts, and more, in programs ranging from investigative journalism to audio art. 

Check this page for schedule updates, as we may adjust The Idea Hour schedule to accommodate timely programs.

October Schedule

October 2:
RADIO LAB: Where am I?
Examination of the bond between brain and body, and a look at what happens when it breaks.

October 9:
RADIO LAB: (So-called) Life
A look at how modern engineers tinker with living things.

October 16:
A long hard look at the body’s system for getting out of trouble.

October 23:
Radiolab goes to the zoo to ask what’s with our need to get close to “wildness”.

October 23:
Basic questions and profound thoughts about reproduction.

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