PA People: Ruben Echemendia

Ruben Echemendia, Ph.D.
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We continue our Pennsylvania People series with a new and intimate profile of one of the people who makes Pennsylvania so interesting. WPSU’s Patty Satalia talks with neuropsychologist, Dr. Ruben Echemendia. He “wrote the book” on concussive head injuries.


Richard E. Gill
Dublin, Ohio
Jun 29, 2010

Dr. Ruben Echemendia, in a recent issue of the Pennsylvania Psychologists newsletter there was an article supporting the state legislature attempt to pass a bill designed to protect school athletes from untreated or unrecognized traumatic brain injury. This is a serious problem for high school teens across the nation. Too often kids or allowed to play a sport with a head injury that could only lead to greater difficulty.
>    Our paper would appreciate your writing an article for us on the psychological damage a concussion can cause if left untreated. What are some recognizable symptoms of brain injury or concussion. Can symptoms of a concussion cause serious mental health damage into adulthood? What do you propose schools do to protect their young athletes?
>    The story doesn’t have to be long, 600 to 700 words. It would not be due until July 26. If you consent to do the story please send a photo of yourself and a brief bio.
>    Eager to hear from you, and hope you will write the article

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