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We ask you to tell us what you hope to see this season on Masterpiece Classic. Join WPSU producers and special guests Sunday nights after and be sure to let us know what you think about the Crawleys, Bates, and life at Highclere Castle.

Season 3 Premiere: Sunday, January 4 at 10pm

Following Downton Abbey, Series 5, Episode 1

Erica Gene Delsandro

Special Guest: Erica Gene Delsandro

On the premiere episode of After Abbey, hosts Whitney Chirdon and Lindsey Whissel with talk with Erica Gene Delsandro. She teaches courses in literature and Women's and Gender Studies such as: Modernism, The Literature of Downton Abbey, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, History of Sexuality, Modernism on the Margins, Queer Studies, Women Writers. You can join the conversation as we talk all about the premiere of Downton Abbey season 5! Call 1-800-543-8242 or tweet @afterabbey during the show. You can also submit questions via email to or on

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