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An Amazing Evening for WPSU and the Sheffield Area

Last Thursday night, I stood in front of a TV camera in WPSU’s studios and
was awed by the generosity and enthusiasm of the friendly folks in the
Sheffield area. We spent the evening airing the locally created production
“Our Town: Sheffield and the Valley” and invited viewers to become members
of WPSU-TV and receive a DVD of the program. The program was also repeated
the Sunday, the 13th.

The response was astounding!

More than 230 pledges were called in during the two broadcasts, contributing
over $18,676. to support their favorite public TV station, WPSU.

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The Volunteers in Sheffield Preview the Our Town Show

Last night the volunteers in Sheffield got to see the finished version of Our Town: Sheffield for the first time. Everyone assembled in the high school auditorium. I had a chance to thank everyone for all of their work.  Dick Knupp has been working on the show for weeks. Everyone wondered out it would turn out.

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The Our Town: Sheffield & the Valley show is being edited at WPSU

Dick Knupp is busy at work at WPSU editing the community volunteer’s videos and adding their comments to create the many different stories that will make up Our Town: Sheffield and the Valley. We are more than half way finished. There are photos of Dick working in the editing room in the photo gallery for Our Town: Sheffield. The show will be broadcast on Thursday, September 10th at 8pm on WPSU and People will be able to see it on TV in Pennsylvania and on their computers anywhere in the world, that night. Let Sheffield fans know that they can see the show.

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A Great Day in Sheffield and the Valley

Last Saturday we had a great time meeting and interviewing residents of Sheffield and the Valley. The “Our Town” crew went to the Valley Voice office at 9am only to find lot of enthusiastic volunteers. They were coming to drop off or pick up videos and schedule an interview later in the day.

After a while the crew and I left to take some video of the area that will be used for the introduction of the show. Then we went to set up the equipment for the interviews. Many thanks to Susie Curtian for allowing us to use her home for the interviews all day. We also had lunch and some great cookies.

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Sheffield and the Valley ready to go into production

Last Thursday night over thirty people came together to decide what stories should be told about the Sheffield area on “Our Town: Sheffield and the Valley.” There was lots of enthusiasm from everyone.
On July 25th the crew from WPSU will be in town to record interviews with the volunteer story tellers who have recorded videos about the area. After we do the interviews we will take the volunteer videos and their comments and edit them together into segments. We will edit through most of August and then preview the show for the volunteers. After we make any corrections needed and will broadcast the program on Thursday, September 10th at 8pm. Viewers will be able to see the program on WPSU-TV and on the internet at If you know people who live out of the area, let them know they can watch it on their computer at the same time people in Pennsylvania can see it.
There are more pictures of town and the planning meeting in the photo gallery of the website. Here is a list of story ideas for the show.

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Sheffield to be Focus of the Next “Our Town” Production-Volunteers Needed

Public television station WPSU has announced that the Sheffield area will be featured in the station’s “Our Town” series. The “day-in-the-life” one-hour video scrapbook will focus on the people, places and happenings of Sheffield, PA, and the valley communities near it, as seen through the eyes of its residents. As part of the project a new web page has been created to highlight the Sheffield area.  The web address is

Community members from the Sheffield area are invited to attend a volunteer planning meeting to learn about the project. The meeting will be held at the Sheffield Fire Hall at 6:30 p.m. this Thursday, July 16th and anyone interested in the production is invited to attend.

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