A Look at Autism / Overview

A Look at Autism
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A Production from WPSU

Autism and the Sibling Relationship

A Production from WPSU

Children and Autism: Time is Brain

A Conversation with Temple Grandin

Autism: Unlocking Potential

National Autism Conference Outreach

Video Reflections on Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Common Ground Lobby Talk

Understanding Autism: Childhood to Adulthood

A Look at Autism

WPSU explores the complex world of autism.

Children and Autism: Time is Brain is a sensitive and engaging portrait of two families faced with the daunting challenge of raising an autistic child. The program focuses on the importance of early detection, intervention, and the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis as a means of obtaining the best outcome for children with autism.

Autism and the Sibling Relationship examines the factors that influence the quality of the sibling relationship — which is often considered the longest and most complicated relationship in the family.

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Patty Satalia is one of WPSU’s best-known on-air personalities. She has conducted more than 5,000 interviews and has produced documentaries and public affairs programs for the station.

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