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We love our volunteers!

Volunteers at WPSU studios

Partner up with WPSU in it’s educational mission and volunteer to answer phones during one of our TV or FM Radio Fundraisers!

You will get to meet great people, see live TV or Radio in action and volunteering benefits your health!

Greetings Volunteers & Potential Volunteers!  We will soon be needing you for wpsu’s Spring TV Fundraising. We don’t yet know what nights we’ll be live, so please check back to see when schedule is published here…or enter your email to directly receive all schedules the minute they come out!  THANKS FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY! 


We also have a Downton Abbey Marathon coming in February. We will air the whole season on one day with breaks to do some fundraising. Join us: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0544a9aa2babf58-adownton


Pledge drives for TV and Radio are an important fundraising effort. Pledge volunteers answer phones, tally numbers, and supervise.


Businesses and community organizations are encouraged to volunteer as a pledge group in exchange for on-air recognition.

Benefits include verbal acknowledgements and camera pans of volunteers.