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Election day is on November 6. The deadline to get an absentee ballot is October 30th. Find additional information at votespa.com.


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Terry Madonna On What He’s Keeping His Eye On In The 2018 Election

Posted on October 19, 2018

The possibility of higher than average voter turnout for a midterm, an increase in the number of women representing Pennsylvania and a match-up of two incumbents running for the same seat are some of the topics WPSU talks about with Terry Madonna leading in to the 2018 election. Madonna directs the Franklin and Marshall College Poll.

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New U.S. Congressional Districts in Pennsylvania

On February 19, 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued new district lines for the U.S. Congressional districts of Pennsylvania. The court reasoned that the new district lines are more geographically compact, moving away from the district lines that were thought to be gerrymandered. Take a look at the new map compared to the old map, along with explanations of what the changes mean for our area.

Pennsylvania Congressional District Map 2013

Old congressional districts

Pennsylvania Congressional District Map 2018

New court-mandated districts for 2018 elections


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Threats to Democracy

Is our Goverment Still for the People?


Should legislators be allowed to choose their voters?

Low Voter Turnout

Why is voter turnout so low in the United States and does it matter?

Money in Politics

Does money influence elections?


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Election Resources

Your vote matters! As a Pennsylvania voter you will be asked to choose a U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, State Attorney General, State Auditor General, and State Treasurer. We know these offices are important, but what do they actually do? How does each affect you? Kickstart your learning by watching this series of short videos.


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