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Race for the 5th Debate

WPSU broadcast a live political debate on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Hear from incumbent Glenn Thompson (R) and challenger Kerith Strano Taylor (D).


Candidate Profiles

Congressional 5th District

Glenn Thompson

Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson


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Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson

Has served in the U.S. House since 2009

Currently serves on Agriculture; Education and the Workforce; and Natural Resources Committees

Spent nearly 30 years in the health care field

Has degrees in Education from Penn State (B.S.) and Temple University (Master’s)

Lives with his wife in Howard Township and has three grown sons

Website: thompson.house.gov

Listen to Glenn Thompson's interview with WPSU's Patty Satalia


Senator Pat Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey


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Sen. Pat Toomey

Current Republican member of the U.S. Senate

Currently serves on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget; and Finance Committees

Former member of U.S. House of Representatives, 15th Congressional District (Lehigh and Northampton Counties)

Served as president of the conservative Club for Growth

Lives with his wife and three kids in Zionsville, Lehigh County

Website: toomey.senate.gov


Threats to Democracy

Is our Goverment Still for the People?


Should legislators be allowed to choose their voters?

Low Voter Turnout

Why is voter turnout so low in the United States and does it matter?

Money in Politics

Does money influence elections?


Election News

Heated 9th District Race Is A “Virtually Unheard Of” Matchup

Posted on November 7, 2016

A Republican has held the 9th District since 1939, and that’s unlikely to change this election. But when voters in south central Pennsylvania go to the polls, they will have a choice. They can darken the bubble next to Republican incumbent Bill Shuster’s name or they can vote for the man listed as the Democrat, Art Halvorson. Thanks to a write-in campaign in the primaries, Halvorson is running as a Democrat. But in reality he’s a Tea Party Republican.



Final NPR Battleground Map: The Race Snaps Back, But Clinton Maintains Advantage

Posted on November 7, 2016

Election Day is nearly upon us. So where does the electoral map stand? It’s a close race, with Hillary Clinton retaining a broad and consistent but shallow advantage, according to the final NPR Battleground Map.

Compared with a couple of weeks ago, when Clinton hit her peak lead, the race has tightened. So our map reflects that — almost all of the moves benefit Trump, though because of one potentially determinative move, Clinton still surpasses the 270 electoral votes needed to be president with just the states in which she’s favored.



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Election Resources

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NPR Live Election Blog

As results come in across the country, NPR reporters will be updating this breaking news blog in real time. The NPR Politics team, along with Member station reporters, will be providing live updates in the form of photo, video, commentary and analysis for both national and local contested races. Continue »


Your vote matters! As a Pennsylvania voter you will be asked to choose a U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, State Attorney General, State Auditor General, and State Treasurer. We know these offices are important, but what do they actually do? How does each affect you? Kickstart your learning by watching this series of short videos.


2016 Campaign Connection

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PBS Election Central

An educational guide to the US Elections. Check out promotions to engage your students in the political process, virtual field trip ideas and a collection of Election-themed resources to support History, Civics and English curriculum.





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Instagram #IvotedPA

WPSU is asking voters to take a photo outside their polling place when they go to vote Tuesday, and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #IvotedPA.

So when you go to the polls for the primary, be sure to snap a selfie, or photo of the building, campaign signs, pollsters, candidates, etc. outside your polling place and post it!

(NOTE: DO NOT take photos INSIDE the polling place, and please be respectful of other voters' privacy.)