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Wine and Cheese Fundamentals

Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery held its second (sold-out!) wine and cheese pairing event, “Wine and Cheese Fundamentals,” on June 30th. The event was led by Jamie Ryan, a central Pennsylvania native and Penn State graduate. Jamie is a wine consultant with a distinguished fifteen year career in wine sales, purchasing, and education and brings with her a comprehensive knowledge of the wine industry from vineyard to the table. The class enjoyed a casual evening of guided wine and cheese pairings and an interactive discussion of the connection between them. Here, Jamie shares with us her insights on the topic:

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Sangria for Cinco de Mayo

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a pitcher of Sangria! This recipe has been adapted from Cook’s Illustrated and makes use of readily available ingredients. For the main ingredient—red wine!—I suggest a bottle of Mt. Nittany’s Rock Hill Red. It’s on sale now, two bottles for $20.

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Early Spring Pruning at Mount Nittany Vineyard

If you’ve been to the winery lately, you may have seen owners Joe and Betty Carroll out in the vineyard with their pruning shears. Assisted by winery staff, Jinx Proch, Jeff Proch, and Sandy Alexander, they are attempting to stay on top of the seasonal requirements for grape pruning that will set the stage for the quality and quantity of this year’s grape production. This task has been a challenging one thus far given the early warm weather, which led to an early bud break.

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Vignoles Cake

This weekend Mount Nittany Winery is concluding its month-long celebration of our local wine trail with a special desserts offering.

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Mediterranean Recipes from Mount Nittany Winery

As part of the celebration of our local wine trail, Mount Nittany Winery is offering special wine and food pairings during the month of March. This weekend we will feature local food products including cheese from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, gourmet crackers from Rip Rap Bakery, and Cooke Tavern potato soup in honor of St. Patrick’s day!

Purchase your “Ticket to Good Taste and Adventure” at one of the ten participating wineries. Cost is $20 each or two for $35. For more information, visit:

Continue reading to see recipes for the Mediterranean dishes that we served during last weekend’s pairings.

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